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Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar

1 review
Enjoy Japanese, Asian, Vegan Options, Restaurant, Table service, $$$ and Families cuisine at Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar in Robina, Gold Coast
Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar
Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar
Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar
Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar
Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar
Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar
Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar
Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar


Japanese, Asian
How to Find Us
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Shop 5045&5046 The Kitchen, 19 Robina Town Centre
Gold Coast QLD 4226


61 75575 9498

Open hours:

Mon - Thu: 11:30am - 9pm Fri - Sat: 11:30am - 9:15pm Sun: 11:30am - 7pm

Escape into an adventure where the zest of Tokyo streets meets the heart of the Gold Coast at Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar – a place where every bite tells the story of faraway lands.

Located in the vibrant hub of the Gold Coast, Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar is an oasis of contemporary design with a playful twist that offers an eclectic dining experience. The restaurant exudes casual elegance, inviting guests to unwind in an atmosphere that's both chic and cheeky. Here, the decor is as vibrant as the dishes, with pops of colour that sing in harmony with the flavours on your plate.

At the heart of Mad Asian's allure is its menu, a canvas of Japanese-inspired delights. For lunch, the banquet options are a love letter to the senses: picture the Sakura Sets, where a hefty 180g grilled eye fillet waltzes with garlic BBQ prawn and teppanyaki style chicken fillet. Seafood lovers can dive into the Seafood Bento, a treasure chest of salmon and tuna sashimi, grilled barramundi, and panko crumbed oysters, all crowned with a prawn salad and BBQ sweet corn.

Donburi bowls, the restaurant's midday stars, shine with karaage donburi’s crispy marinated chicken drizzled with teriyaki sauce and mayo, and tofu donburi’s golden cubes tossed in a garlic BBQ sauce. The poke bowl is a refreshing escape with its oceanic bites of salmon and tuna sashimi mixed with a fresh salad. As for the salmon don, its simplicity is perfected with its tender slices over steamed rice.

Let’s not forget the drinks. The beverage selection is designed to complement the zing of the menu, featuring an array of drinks that are as bold and inventive as the cuisine. Whether you’re toasting with a crisp beer or sipping on a carefully crafted cocktail, each drink enhances the exotic adventure.

As you plan your next outing, consider Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar your ticket to an unforgettable food adventure. It’s a place where laughter mingles with the clinking of glasses, and every dish is an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of flavours that Asia has to offer. Gather your fellow flavour seekers and embark on this delightful adventure where every meal is a celebration of life's zest.

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