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Honey Pepper Bar and Grill

9 reviews
Enjoy Australian, Gluten Free Options, Restaurant, Indoor & Outdoor Seating, $$$, Families and Groups cuisine at Honey Pepper Bar and Grill in Robina, Gold Coast
Honey Pepper Bar and Grill
Honey Pepper Bar and Grill
Honey Pepper Bar and Grill
Honey Pepper Bar and Grill
Honey Pepper Bar and Grill
Honey Pepper Bar and Grill
Honey Pepper Bar and Grill
Honey Pepper Bar and Grill


How to Find Us
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Shop 5045 & 5046/19 Robina Town Centre
Gold Coast QLD 4226


04 286 93473

Open hours:

Everyday: 11am - 10pm

Amid the sun-kissed splendour of the Gold Coast, Honey Pepper Bar and Grill is a vibrant symphony of flavours that promises to engage your palate with its unique culinary creations.

At Honey Pepper, the ambience is as warm as the Queensland sun, with decor that invites you to unwind and indulge. The atmosphere buzzes with the energy of diners enjoying the simple pleasure of good food and great company. Here, the rustic charm of wooden accents meets the comfort of soft lighting, creating a space where every meal feels like a special occasion.

Begin your dining experience with a selection of starters that are as intriguing as they are delicious. Venture into the ocean's depths with the tuna carpaccio, where tomato, eschalot, and baby capers dance on the palate. Or, for the more daring, the beef tartare with black vinegar, preserved lemon, and aioli is a bold choice that rewards the adventurous. Not to be missed, the calamari, seasoned with Honey Pepper’s signature five spices and accompanied by spicy mayo, offers a delightful kick to start your meal.

As you delve deeper into the menu, the pasta offerings beckon with their homestyle charm and gourmet flair. The chicken romesco is a heartwarming dish that wraps you in the comfort of well-cooked pasta and rich, nutty flavours.

While the food is surely the star of the show, a meal at Honey Pepper wouldn’t be complete without their drink selection. Whether you're after a crisp white to cut through the richness of the dishes or a robust red to complement them, the staff's always ready to help you choose the perfect libation.

As your evening draws to a close, you’ll find yourself planning your next visit, eager to explore more of the menu's treasures. Honey Pepper Bar and Grill is an experience that leaves you satisfied yet yearning for more. So gather your mates, pull up a chair, and prepare to be delighted by this gem on the Gold Coast dining scene.

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Overview 9 reviews


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