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Stokers Fine Pancakes

4 reviews
Enjoy Cafe cuisine at Stokers Fine Pancakes in South Melbourne, Melbourne
Stokers Fine Pancakes
Stokers Fine Pancakes
Stokers Fine Pancakes
Stokers Fine Pancakes
Stokers Fine Pancakes
Stokers Fine Pancakes
Stokers Fine Pancakes
Stokers Fine Pancakes


How to Find Us
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231 Clarendon St
South Melbourne 3205


03 9682 8403

Open hours:

Mon: Closed Tue - Fri: 11am - 3pm // 6pm - 12am Sat - Sun: 9am - 3pm // 6pm - 12am

Pancakes for breakfast and dinner? Are we living in some kind of dream world? Stokers Fine Pancakes sounds almost too good to be true!

Well, you'd better believe it because this pancake eatery is the real deal. A flipping fantastic concept in South Melbourne, they have perfected the art of the European crepe and are serving up their delicious concoctions for breakfast and after-supper snacks. They're jolly and informal, creating a warm space in which to tuck into our favourite cheat-day treats. Just look out for the bright turquoise restaurant on the high street, and you have arrived.

They might be made out of flour, eggs and milk, but pancakes can be enjoyed in a whole heap of ways, which you'll only truly appreciate after coming here. For breakfast, start with a savoury pancake, be that with pastrami, sauerkraut, chicken, pulled pork or ham. Then you're in the perfect position to go absolutely wild for their sweet creations.

You can go classic with simple yet beloved toppings like syrup, lemon and sugar or hot Yarra Valley jam with fresh cream. The signature pancakes, however, is where the fun really begins. They're going above and beyond with Nutella and mascarpone, caramel spiced apples, biscoff in its various delicious forms and a mind-blowing matcha tiramisu. Cheat day just got a whole lot cheekier!

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