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Eagle Tavern

1 review
Enjoy Australian, Restaurant, Indoor & Outdoor Seating, Child-Friendly, $$$ and Families cuisine at Eagle Tavern in Eagleby, Brisbane
Eagle Tavern
Eagle Tavern
Eagle Tavern
Eagle Tavern
Eagle Tavern
Eagle Tavern
Eagle Tavern
Eagle Tavern


How to Find Us
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166 Fryar Rd
Eagleby 4207


+61 7 3382 0149

Open hours:

Everyday: 10am - 4am

Nestled within the spirited Eagleby community, Eagle Tavern stands as the epicentre of local camaraderie, offering comforting culinary delights designed to gratify palates and uplift spirits.

Indulge in the iconic Dogzilla, a succulent kransky nestled within a tender roll and adorned with bacon, cheese, tomato sauce and mustard. Its juicy allure promises to evoke a smile upon your countenance.

For a crisp culinary adventure, the schnitzel beckons. Its golden exterior encases succulent chicken, harmoniously paired with crispy chips and a generous deluge of gravy.

Steak aficionados will revel in the 200g rump steak, expertly prepared to your desired level of doneness, from rare to well-done. A symphony of tantalising sauces awaits, each offering a unique complement to its savoury flavours.

Those seeking a lighter repast will find solace in the grilled chicken, served alongside fluffy mashed potatoes and vibrant green beans. The fish of the day, procured fresh from local waters, offers a flaky and delicate taste sensation, accompanied by chips and tangy tartare sauce.

Lambs fry enthusiasts will find themselves in culinary paradise with this classic dish. Tender lambs fry is lovingly prepared with peas, crispy bacon and a rich gravy, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours.

Complement your meal with enticing sides such as roasted pumpkin, bursting with sweetness, or steamed vegetables, offering a healthy and vibrant touch.

Eagle Tavern transcends the mere confines of a pub; it is a vibrant epicentre where friends and family converge to forge enduring memories. With its inviting atmosphere and delectable pub fare, it serves as the ideal haven to unwind, savour hearty meals and let the good times flow.

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