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368 Abercrombie St
Darlington, Chippendale 2008


02 9319 4798

Satisfy your pizza and pasta cravings at Buon Gusto, a popular Italian restaurant in Sydney’s Chippendale.

The allure of delicious Italian food is near impossible to resist, and this is certainly the case at Buon Gusto! As you step inside this quaint and cosy venue, the scents of tomato, basil and mozzarella will tease your senses.

Settle in around a table with your family and friends, and start the difficult decision of what to order with an Aperol spritz – after all, it’s what any good Nonna would want you to do! And why not indulge in some arancini or mozzarella sticks while you wait? They’re too irresistible to deny.

From there, it’s a journey of satisfying yet simple flavour combinations that will make your dining experience complete. Take a bite of your pizza and enjoy that oozy string of cheese inviting your mouth back to your meal. Devour the sensational pasta in a range of flavours that celebrate hearty cooking done well.

And, at the end of your dinner, loosen those belt buckles just one more notch and spoil yourself with some coffee and a tiramisu. It simply wouldn’t be an Italian meal without it.

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