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Sama Sama

2 reviews
Enjoy Malaysian, Vietnamese, Asian, Vegan Options, Restaurant, Indoor & Outdoor Seating, Street Parking, Wheelchair accessible, Non-smoking, $$ and Families cuisine at Sama Sama in Southbank, Melbourne
Sama Sama
Sama Sama
Sama Sama
Sama Sama
Sama Sama
Sama Sama
Sama Sama
Sama Sama


Malaysian, Vietnamese, Asian
How to Find Us
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11 Bale Cct
Southbank 3006


+61 455 576 728

Open hours:

Mon: 11am - 8:30pm Tue: Closed Wed - Sun: 11am - 8:30pm

Located in Melbourne City, Sama Sama offers an adventure that whisks you away to the bustling streets of Southeast Asia with its vibrant and flavour-packed menu. This is a place where every bite celebrates rich, authentic tastes, and the atmosphere is as warm and inviting as the dishes are bold and satisfying.

As you enter Sama Sama, you're greeted by the enticing aromas of spices and herbs that set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. The decor pays a tasteful nod to the cultural heritage of the food, with touches of traditional artistry that complement the modern, casual setting. It's the ideal backdrop for catching up with friends or a casual date night.

Kick off your feast with their sama sama special fried chicken wings, a crowd-pleaser that promises a crispy, golden exterior with a succulent, juicy interior. Seafood enthusiasts will enjoy the fried squid and crispy squid tentacles, each dish offering a delightful crunch and a dip into the sweet chilli sauce that comes with them. For a taste of tradition, the roti with satay is a must-try, with its fluffy, buttery layers and rich, nutty sauce.

The banh mi selection stands out, with options like the crispy pork banh mi and its vegan counterpart ensuring there's something for every palate. Each Vietnamese sandwich is a symphony of textures and flavours, with the perfect balance of savoury meat or plant-based fillings, tangy pickled veggies, and fresh herbs.

As your time at Sama Sama concludes, you'll find yourself already planning your next visit, eager to discover more of Sama Sama's menu. It's an experience – one that stays in your memory long after the last bite.

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Overview 2 reviews


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