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Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine at Vespa Rossa in South Melbourne, Melbourne
Vespa Rossa
Vespa Rossa
Vespa Rossa
Vespa Rossa
Vespa Rossa
Vespa Rossa
Vespa Rossa
Vespa Rossa


How to Find Us
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30 Block Pl
Melbourne VIC 3000


+61 3 9193 7545

Open hours:

Mon - Sun: 7am - 4pm

You can hardly go to Italy without coming into close contact with a vespa; whether they're zooming past you on the street or you've hopped on one yourself, they're synonymous with Italian living. The same can be said of Vespa Rossa.

Naturally, a Vespa is parked smack in the centre of the restaurant, giving you an inside peak into the comings and goings within Italy's busiest cities. Around the mighty Vespa are wicker chairs to add an extra whimsical factor, as well as making dinner all the more comfortable. Once seated, enjoy dinner under a bower of pretty flowers, imagine yourself in some of the city squares that have been photographed and hung up on the wall, and enjoy the Italian life right here in Melbourne.

They're keeping things straightforward with a menu that features some of the most familiar pasta, as well as a handful of pizzas that never disappoint. Family suppers are reincarnated with the likes of pumpkin and mushroom risottos, penne chorizo and linguine bolognese. And it's always nice to have some bruschetta or a few croquettes to indulge in on the side.

They also do a mean beef burger and steak sandwich which go nicely with a side of french fries or a calamari salad. No matter what you decide on, though, Vespa Rosso will whizz you away to the food capital that is Italy bite after bite.

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