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The Warehouse Pizzeria

8 reviews
Enjoy Italian cuisine at The Warehouse Pizzeria in Preston, Melbourne
The Warehouse Pizzeria
The Warehouse Pizzeria
The Warehouse Pizzeria
The Warehouse Pizzeria
The Warehouse Pizzeria
The Warehouse Pizzeria
The Warehouse Pizzeria
The Warehouse Pizzeria


How to Find Us
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11 Gilbert Rd
Preston 3072


+61 3 9043 5769

Open hours:

Mon - Tue: Closed Wed - Thu: 5pm - 9pm Fri - Sat: 5pm - 9:30pm Sun: 5pm - 9pm

At The Warehouse Pizza, love is Italy and Italy is love. Celebrating Italians and their ever-evolving cuisine in Italy and Melbourne, this eatery replicates their favourite dishes with passion and grace.

Just like in Italy, their restaurant always has an extra table in order to squish in any unexpected arrivals, and there's always a spare chair to accommodate a surprise visit at your table. In short, you'll be sitting shoulder to shoulder-with other diners, and therein lies the fun. Built on principles of community where no one is left behind, The Warehouse Pizzeria is a fairground of chatter, delicious aromas and pizzas big enough to make your eyes goggle.

Speaking of pizzas, all made here are prepared using traditional methods and stretched just so as to ensure a crisp, thin base. Atop these are all kinds of classic toppings to choose from that will transport you straight to the rustic trattorias of Italia.

And with two pages of their menu dedicated to fresh pasta to peruse, have your pick of creamy gorgonzola sauces, succulent meatballs, daily anchovies and accompaniments like beef ragu, seasonal seafood and Italian sausages. Customise it exactly as you like with your choice of spaghetti, penne, beef ravioli and many more. Now That's Amore!

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Overview 8 reviews


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