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No Bones

177 reviews


Plant Based, Vegan, Vegetarian
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11 Fletcher Street
Byron Bay 2481


02 66807418

Imagine dining at a restaurant where you can relax knowing that your choices will be ethical no matter what you order, and where you can be proud knowing that you've contributed to a better earth in this moment, without compromising on flavour. A place where the music flows free and gently to suit the aesthetics; a cosy and natural outdoor setting with candle and festoon lighting to set a tranquil mood. The staff are friendly and charismatic, the drinks are like fireworks in your mouth, and the food... simply f#$%ing delicious.

Well friends of Earth, The Solar System, The Milky Way, Our Universe... you're in luck. This place exists. This is No Bones, the best Vegan restaurant in The World, Fair Dinkum!

No Bones is the brainchild of Tahlia and Yasmina, Byron Bay local girls with a vision of bringing people together over good food, meat eaters and vegans alike, in an attempt to change the way we think about what we put in our mouths. Let's face it, the future of food must be one of sustainability if we are to ensure that our younglings will be able to live long and healthy lives, and not have to worry about the very air they breathe or the water they drink.

But hey, let's not get too Debby Downer, because we're not doomed yet, and by dining at No Bones, you will have taken one small step for mankind!

You'll want to make sure you bring along as many friends as you can gather, our menu ain't no one-hit wonder. From Prawn Taco, to the best Truffle, Mushroom pasta ever created, to... well you get the idea. The menu is best enjoyed when shared. We'll look the other way whilst you lick your plate. Oh and let's not forget the delightful explosions that are our cocktails (some say the best in town), made with 100% LOVE. So Byron!

Byronites, if you haven't been to No Bones yet, someone oughta be digging your heads out of the sand.

Visitors, you'll be kicking yourself for leaving town if you don't dine here first.

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177 reviews

No Bones

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