Maggie Chow's

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Cuisine: Asian, Chinese
Price Point: Mains from $15 - $30

Experience modern Chinese cuisine with a nostalgic ’70s feel at Maggie Chow’s. This is the ultimate Asian dining throwback to a time when every Sydney suburb had a Chinese restaurant in it.

Service is king at Maggie Chow’s, with the staff very focused on delivering a positive dining experience. The menu is what you want and expect from a Chinese restaurant, with a focus on fresh ingredients and a slightly modern twist. From fresh tofu noodle soups to a grilled salmon rice bowl to a combination fried rice with sweet and sour pork, you’re bound to find a dish (or several) that appeals to you. Serving sizes are generous—you won’t leave this place hungry!

The menu is complemented by an extensive wine list featuring premium Tasmanian wines at very reasonable prices.

Maggie Chow’s is located in Potts Point, Sydney. This is the perfect restaurant for those looking to take their friends on a fun and delicious night out.


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Maggie Chow's
9/50 Macleay St (enter via Baroda Lane)
Potts Point 2011

Open Hours:
Monday 5pm - 10pm
Tuesday 5pm - 10pm
Wednesday 5pm - 10pm
Thursday 5pm - 10pm
Friday 5pm - 10pm
Saturday 10am - 10pm
Sunday 10am - 9pm

Phone: 02 9357 1100

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Maggie Chow's

is currently on a break from First Table.

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Liv Mount

It wasn’t exactly the Chinese feel we first had hoped for, since the actual Maggie’s chow is closed and you have to dine in the German restaurant next door - “Maggie’s”. However, the food was really yummy and service was good!

- dined at Maggie Chow's on

We arrived at Maggie Chow's but the venue was closed. So we followed the instructions posted there and went next door to Maggie's, of which we're long time fans.

At Maggie's, we received their usual German food menu plus the Chinese menu. Given the decor and ambience, and we knew Maggie's high quality food, we ended up not ordering any Chinese food. Instead we ordered schnitzel, fried camembert and dessert, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

So, we had the wonderful food from Maggie's, and had nothing from Maggie Chow's menu.

- dined at Maggie Chow's on

Lis Reeves

Great food and prices

- dined at Maggie Chow's on

Joanne Chalk

We had a great dining experience at Maggie Chow’s last night with a casual and very relaxed atmosphere. The food was delicious, serving sizes generous and prices very reasonable. The staff were extremely friendly and happy, must love their workplace.

- dined at Maggie Chow's on

Emilie Mortensen

Ok food - and somewhat slow service... with that said, I’ll probably be back again;)

- dined at Maggie Chow's on

Samee Weisz

Excellent service... although the actual Maggie Chows restaurant was closed and they served us at Maggie's Austrian,German Restaurant next door. We ordered Chinese, it was ok. Need to go back to try the Schnitzel at Maggie's.

- dined at Maggie Chow's on

Service was great, food was delicious. Restaurant was closed.

Maggie Chow's was closed on Thursday but we were directed to Maggie's Potts Point next door, which is a European restaurant, however they provided us with the Asian menu from next door.

Confusing start, delicious ending.

- dined at Maggie Chow's on


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